Christmas Lights, Burnham Market, Norfolk

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Burnham Market is a beautiful village in Norfolk, there are several with the name Burham attached and most are associated with Admiral Nelson…….but that is another post all together.  We visit every year to look at the beautiful decorations, although it is very hard to capture the true beauty, especially if is raining, which it normally is.  These photos are from last year, as this years are still not downloaded….my cold has well and truly got the better of me and after two weeks has still not let up.  As I had these ready for last year, but for some reason they were never posted, so it was handy that they were just waiting.  I will be interested to see if the more recent photos are any different, and to see If I have had a changed of style.  I will post them if they are different, just to compare.  I am not sure what the birds were, but the whole sky was full of them for a few moments, it was quite a sight.

8 Replies to “Christmas Lights, Burnham Market, Norfolk”

  1. Some people really put a lot of work into their decorations. I do appreciate their efforts! I thought maybe your cold jumped the pond, mine started a few days ago. Why when there’s so much to do! 🙂

    1. We do seem to decorate our houses more now, we go out for a drive in the evening sometimes just to visit the villages around us to see the lights. I am so sorry that you have a cold and I really mean it, mine is nearly as bad as when it started two weeks ago, Just very lucky that we are just staying home the two of us, so hopefully some rest will help. I hope you recover quickly and it doesn’t spoil your Christmas 🙂

      1. Thanks, Lynne. Our celebrations aren’t until the first of the year. So I’ll be resting up this next week. Actually nice to have a quiet holiday. 🙂

  2. Lovely lights! This year we have been to busy, sometimes having your own business keeps you working when you wished you could quit. If I was to guess what kind of bird was flying .. I would say, geese by the flying formation.

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