Saint Remigius Round Tower Church, Roydon, Norfolk (19)

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On Boxing Day we were lucky to come across St Remigius Round Tower Church in Roydon, Norfolk.  In the church booklet it states that the tower is one of 119 round towers in Norfolk, which makes this my 19th church tower, only a 100 to go.  Every year I mean to do better, but usually just end up with one or two, but then there would be no pleasure if I did them all really quickly….I would like to make it up to 25 next year 2017….I will just have to wait and see.

The date the Tower was originally built, has been lost in time, but it is presumed to be post Conquest.  Sometime in the 13th to 14th century, an octagonal top was added.  Around 1680, the church including the Tower was in a bad state of repair, so all or part of the top of the Tower was removed.  I found the following picture of the church, which shows what was left after they had removed the top of Tower.  The picture is on the wall of the church and stated as Roydon Church before 1857.  In 1846 the octagonal top of the Tower was rebuilt, so this is really showing the church prior to 1846.  

From the booklet….In 1846, the present octagonal top with parapet and pinnacles was added by George Frere of Roydon Hall to form a belfry.  In 1850, three bells were installed in the tower.


By 1974 the pinnicals on top of the tower had become dangerous, and were removed.  This work was funded by the sale of the three bells.  A small bell was hung to replace them.  In 1990, a bell was obtained from Erpingham Church in North Norfolk and hung in the church, this bell was cast in 1616 by William Brend of Norwich.  Its lovely to think that a 400 year old bell is back in the belfry of this small church.


The above photo shows the tower in 1986, again this photo is on the wall of the church.


My photo is just show that the tower had not changed since 1846, apart from the pinnacles.  I would have loved to have seen the pinnacles, but I have found nothing about them yet.


In about 1140 a church consisting of a round tower, a Nave with no side aisles and possibly a small Chancel, was built.  Hence the beginnings of this beautiful country church.  The Nave has been altered several ways over the years, one of the best alterations was the Clerestory windows, which allow the light to flood into the interior, making it bright and friendly.

The faces designs at the top of the pillars, it’s not know if they are medieval or Victorian, but either way they are quite amusing.



The church was very prettily dressed for Christmas and it had a lovely warm feeling to it.  You might notice my other half and Toffee in a few of the photos, mind you it was the only church they came into, husband said it was too cold and Toffee had made himself a nest on the coats in the back of the car, and wasn’t going to move for anyone……well maybe for a bone.


Boxing Day 2016




8 Replies to “Saint Remigius Round Tower Church, Roydon, Norfolk (19)”

  1. What a lovely church, and with such an incredible history. Toffee looks like he’s keeping an eye on you. Probably afraid you’ll wander off. 🙂

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. I loved the welcome sign, its the first one I have seen in all the churches I have visited and thought it was a lovely touch to the church 🙂

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