Little Fishes


We have awoken to another misty grey day here in the Fens, so I need an infusion of sunshine along with my black coffee to get the day going.  Last year we had a lovely break in Devon, the sun shone everyday for us and July behaved as it should do, sun tanning weather.  We were walking back from the beach in the beautiful village of Beer, which faces Lyme Bay and suddenly I saw the family in the photo.  The children must have been mackerel fishing, and it took me straight back to when my daughter use to do it, they get so proud that they have caught their supper.

July 2016


  1. This made my morning!! It’s is sunny here but COLD!! It is windy yet with the cold so it is brrr.. the little girl checking out her fish as she is walking brings a smile ,the flowers finish the smile that makes the world okay again. 😃 I know that feeling of bringing the fish home for supper,my brother and I loved to do it for Mom. She could fry up a fish..

    1. It cheered me up no end, its cold here, but not brrr…..just oh is colder 🙂 Its the mist I hate. I use to cook them, when we went camping …..ah so many years ago now, but they did taste wonderful. Its lovely to remember special memories 🙂 I bet your Mom loved it 🙂

  2. I’m with Deb, sunny, but sooo cold! Love seeing this warm day. Our family wasn’t much for fishing, I only remember going fishing once. I didn’t much care for it, but I have to admit that was the best fish I ever ate, anywhere. 🙂

    1. Glad it warmed you up a little 🙂 A spot of line fishing from a boat on a lovely warm summers day is good. Sitting on a cold wet river bank and fish like they do here, is not to my taste. They sit all day long, and sometimes never catch a thing, maybe they do it to get a way from having to do things at home for their wives 🙂

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