I really feel like some more sunshine at the moment, we have just had flood warnings, as there is going to be a very high tide tonight from the North Sea….. hopefully it will come to nothing.  Also we could get up to four inches of snow tomorrow, I know that is not much to some parts of the world……but here in the UK that is major……..hopefully it will come to nothing.  My cold, which is now a virus, is in its fifth week and really feels no different than the first, I think you just learn to live with it…… do hope it goes before Easter.  So lots of sunshine is required.  Photos taken last August 2016 at Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, and it was perfect beach weather.










9 Replies to “By the Seaside”

  1. Blue sky and sunshine, YES! We’re above freezing but gray and wet. Hope you stay warm and dry. My nose is still dripping. I’m thinking it’s an allergy. Come on spring! 🙂

    1. Glad your not freezing anymore 🙂 Well here on the news they have said its not a cold, but a virus and there is nothing they can do, you just need to rest….. the guy at work who gave me this, is now into his sixth week and its still like he has a heavy cold. I’m just curious to see how long its going to take, I’ve never had anything like this before and I just wonder how we got it 🙂 but of course no one can tell me. And yes, looking for to Spring, only another 3.5 months away 🙂

  2. It was a beautiful day …plenty of sunshine ,temperatures well above freezing… but that water and warm sand still is a beautiful sight!

  3. Longing for summer and the sea myself – thanks for sharing. Hope you get better soon. I’m fighting a nasty sore throat for over a week, there is hardly any voice left. The good thing is, the summer will eventually come 😉

    1. Thank you and sorry to hear you have been suffering with a sore throat, hope is mending now, that can be very painful. Hopefully the sun photos helped a little 🙂

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