I have been through and around Paris many times, but never stopping, until last year 2016.  We had to change trains.  We had come from Venice, having already changed trains twice, this time it was to come home on the Eurostar.  It was almost like flying, all the procedures you have to go through, we thought it was bad enough going, coming back was even worse.  We had three hours to spare, so I thought goodie, a chance to have a quick look at the city……no, because once you go through all this stuff….you can’t leave the train station, anyway it took nearly all that time to get through everything.  Thank goodness they have these lovely bookshops inside all the stations that we had stopped at, you can sit, drink coffee, and browse books while you wait.  We got our coffee, picked a book to look at and found a seat, with luck near a window and behold, through the very dirty glass was Paris……. I took some photos, but the glass was so dirty, that I only managed, with a lot of magic, to save these two.  I have never been so disappointed, there was Paris and I couldn’t get to it.  So maybe this year we will visit for a holiday, I’m not really interested in the famous sites, I just want to capture the streets….in a photogenic way 🙂


16 Replies to “Paris Through A Dirty Window”

    1. Thank you Pat, I wasn’t going to put them on, but it might the only ones I ever get for a while. Steve wants to go to Sweden this year, on a boat 🙂 Should be good for taking photos 🙂 Ha ha but he could change his mind 🙂

  1. A bit like Tom Hanks in The Terminal, Paris is beautiful and I love that you could capture some normal Paris scenes through the dirty glass. There are superb buildings to see if you get beyond the dirty glass next time.

  2. Paris is a beautiful city to walk around and get lost in. I hope you have the chance to visit and explore a bit more one day!

  3. Your pictures are lovely, even if you clicked them through a dirty window of a station (I assume that’s Gare du Nord). Paris is beautiful, more beautiful than anyone’s imagination or the most advanced camera can pick it up. The structures, the streets, Seine, and the air..there’s something about Paris!

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