Hotel Palazzo Schiavoni, Venice, Italy

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This is where we stayed in Venice last year 2016, the Hotel Palazzo Schiavoni.  My husband had kept the identity of the hotel a secret, and maybe part of me didn’t really want know.  He was hoping that I would think it was like a small Venetian Palace, he was so right…… I loved it.  I took a few photos, although it was quite dark inside and the beautiful ceilings were a trifle difficult to shot, I did get some.  I stood on the balcony that you see at the front of the building and took photos of the views.  I would go back again, as it was very clean and the bed was so comfy, and ideal for exploring the back streets of Venice.


A little history…. The building is an exclusive historical residence in Venice, next to the famous San Giorgio degli Schiavoni school, one of the city’s most characteristic quarters, off the beaten track but not far from St. Mark’s Square. building, dating back to the 15th century, is one of the few certified period residences in the city and is believed to have belonged to the Ancient Order of the Knights of Malta, which left an indelible trace on the area and on history.

Husband did well 🙂



9 Replies to “Hotel Palazzo Schiavoni, Venice, Italy”

  1. Very well, indeed! Thanks for the photos and history. I don’t think there’s any place in the US where I could go and find something like that. Not even the older Spanish areas.

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