You see lots of photos of Nancy and Toffee, but not many of our other two, Eddie and Nipper, mainly because they are photo shy.  But on this occasion, Dad had hold of Eddie and I got a couple of shots.  Eddie is a complex little creature, he was thrown over a wall when he was a few months old, so he’s a rescue dog, but I don’t think it did a lot of damage, as he can leap over six foot and not even think about it.  He’s not over fond of people (apart from the man at the kennels, thank goodness) he likes to hang off the back of trouser legs, he will bark all day long for his favourite toy, and then bark at you all day long to throw it ( I will just add, it never really gets to that point, but he would if he was allowed to )  He doesn’t really like the other dogs and has to sleep alone, which he prefers, in truth he should really be a single dog, not one of four.  But he loves us so much, and if he could, he would be carried everywhere like he is in the photos, he loves our contact.  He is more like a cat, he loves to curl on our laps, he likes to snugly under the cushions on the sofa, he will sit all night long with me while I blog, sometime adding his paw’s worth.  Maybe one day I will get some close ups of Nipper, mind you I’m not sure he has any eyes, not seen them for years, he has a fringe, which he hides behind, funny dog 🙂


9 Replies to “Our Dog Eddie”

  1. Eddie is adorable! He would be a great lap dog. I had a camera shy dog once, but that was in the days of flash bulbs and I think she’d seen one too many. 🙂

  2. What a cutie! We have a camera shy dog,I have no idea how she knows when we use our iPhones to try to sneak a shot of her doing something cute.

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