From Glencoe Mountain Resort to Glencoe Visitor Centre, Scotland

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I never tire of the drive to and through Glencoe in Scotland, the scenery is dramatic in any weather.  This trip is from the Glencoe Mountain Resort to Glencoe Visitor Centre.  The photos were taken last May 2016, in fact we made the trip each way on different days, and on both occasions, the weather was so different.  It just proves how difficult it can be in extreme weather, but this was the good day and the weather was excellent.  The visitor centre is very interesting and explains all about the Glencoe Massacre in 1692.  There are many interesting sites that you can google, which will explain all, far better than I can, mine is really just a visual experience, which I hope you enjoy as much as I do.







The following photos are of the visitor centre and views of the u-shape glen.









10 Replies to “From Glencoe Mountain Resort to Glencoe Visitor Centre, Scotland”

      1. I can understand that! Maybe you could try going through at different times of the day. Light can really change how things look. Then you could paper a wall with them. 🙂

      2. We usually call it the bathroom, even if it doesn’t have a tub. I am, however, familiar with the term loo. Did I spell that right? 🙂

  1. Wonderful scenery captured in The Weeping Glen, it’s nice in the sun but I love the atmosphere in the mist and rain, even when I’ve camped and climbed in the glen, the mist and rain reflect the massacre.

    1. Yes you are so right, we have been through when its been awful weather wise and it does reflect the massacre so much more. But it is a speculator area and one day we might get to do the walk from the visitor centre, not sure about climbing 🙂

  2. Oh dear, that poem is so heart rendering,I can envision a lovely little village,then terror strikes… the place is beautiful so beautiful…

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