I found a photo of Nipper our Yorkshire Terrier, normally you can’t see his lovely black button eyes, but I think he had a fringe trim at the kennels.  We have a wonderful kennels where the dogs love going, which is good for all of us.  Anyway, Nipper is about seven years now, he has got a bit portly, but has lost a lot of weight on his diet……. although he is sure that I’m starving him.  He nearly lost his eyesight a couple of years ago and had to go through some quite nasty treatment.  He was suppose to have drops three times a day for the rest of his life……well that was never going to happen…..he hated it, after all the treatment he had, he had enough.  So I stopped them, he eyes were fine, until the pollen count went up, he eyes got bad….he had hay fever.  So now if the pollen count is high, he stays indoors. and if they get really bad, he will let me put drops in, but mostly he is ok.  His name isn’t because he nips, where I come from, the name nipper is given to a young lad, so Nipper it is.  He is a bit of a loner, since he lost his soul mate, Rocky a big German Shepherd, he was with Rocky when Rocky had a heart attack and died, poor Nipper was never the same afterwards.  He was more Rocky’s dog than ours, they did everything together, which was nice, as Rocky hated every other dog, but he loved Nipper.  He endures the other three dogs, but I’m not sure he would miss then if they disappeared or if he would really even notice if they had, bless him 🙂


12 Replies to “Our Dog Nipper”

  1. I vaguely remember boys being called a little nipper, but not in a long time. This Nipper is adorable! Sad he lost his buddy. They really do feel things deeply. 🙂

    1. Yes he was never the same dog, we were away, so we really did’n fully know what happen, but he was so sad for a long time. But his fine now, along as has his bone 🙂 Now I wonder if its an American saying or English, maybe it came over during the war, or it could have gone over to the US earlier 🙂

  2. Handsome fella 😊 He has a loyal heart. Our little dog has allergies that makes her eyes red and snotty ,so like nipper there’s times when she’s not out much which she doesn’t like.

    1. Ha ha Nipper would quite happily never go outside again, if he could get away with it, he likes he’s home comforts 🙂 It strange, but you wouldn’t think dogs got allergies, but they do.

      1. Well, Nipper has a few more years on him then snuggles,she is only 3 . I’m sure that a few more years she won’t either for she really likes the couch too. 😉

      2. Oh what a lovely name, and I forget how old Nipper is, I always think of him as a youngster. Snuggles is the same age as Nancy, and you can’t keep Nancy in 🙂

  3. He is a real cutie – lovely to see his face. 🙂
    And I really like that you take care of these dogs that are not the easiest to get along with, and give them what they need – even if sometimes that is just each other; Rocky and Nipper. 🙂

    1. Thank you, we love them all, in I suppose all different ways, as they are all so very different……might be easier if they were all the same, but then that wouldn’t be them 🙂

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