St Michael & All Angels Church, Middlewich, Cheshire – Exterior

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In 2016 we went to the ‘Canal Boat Festival’ in Middlewich, Cheshire, this is always a really good day.  Its even better now, as my parent-in-laws moved to Middlewich recently, so we stayed with them and enjoyed the evenings entertainment as well, which was equally as enjoyable.  Photos will come about the Festival, but this post is about the exterior of the church, which was open, St Michael & All Angels, the interior will follow.  The church stands proud in its surroundings, which would  have changed quite a lot from its beginnings.  From the little church booklet, which I was kindly given, its mentions that the earliest elements of fabric appear to date from no earlier than the mid to late 12th century in construction.  If so this places Middlewich Church in the late Norman period.  Of course there are only fragments left of this earlier church, in this case in the form of four solid cylindrical piers at the east end of the nave.  However these have been greatly patched up and could have even been moved over the centuries.  The church has been altered during the ensuing centuries and now this lovely aged mellow church, is a very integral part of the town.  On the day of the festival the church was full of visitors, which is always nice to see, as normally when I visit a church, its just me.


There are plenty of wonderful gargoyles looking down at you and some have the most grotesque expressions.


The Civil War played a large part in the town of Middlewich, there were a couple of battles, and in one battle, they even blew the doors off the front of the church.  We often walk round the church, with one of our little dogs and my father-in-law, always points out a canon ball mark on the wall by the door…….I do hope this is right.


This is really a visual post of the exterior of the church, the interior will follow.


8 Replies to “St Michael & All Angels Church, Middlewich, Cheshire – Exterior”

  1. Great post! I have to tell you that when I look places like this up online, I rarely find this kind of detail. And I’m especially fond of gargoyles. They are such interesting characters. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, I feel like you, when I look up something, I hate it when you get one photo and the barest of information. So as its my hobby and I love taking photos, you get lots and I get the joy that other people enjoy them. I also like gargoyles, some more coming soon 🙂

  2. That church looks familiar 🙂 You’ve done a grand job capturing the exterior. We are about to embark on some external restoration work, these can be the ‘before’ images. Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to guide others to see your blog on our church.

    1. Ha ha John, thought you might recognise it. So glad I have posted now, if you are carrying out some restoration work, as its nice to have a before record. And of course you can guide as many as want to come and have a look. I am going to do the interior tonight. Although, I am normally on my own, with no lights on, but hopefully they will be ok.

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