This morning we decided to go exploring, as the sun was shining, although the rain was due back in the afternoon…..which turned out to be totally correct.  We headed over to Mid Norfolk to a Round Tower Church that I wanted to see.  In fact we saw three, which is amazing, because normally I can’t find any without a guide book.   I am really making an effort this year with visiting them, and with the ones at the start of the year, I think that makes ten so far.  Now to the photo…..for some reason my husband likes to visit theses churches, more so than the square tower ones, strange, but I am happy he will come into any church, well, he saw the reflection on the wall first.  He thought it was wonderful, as the window it was coming from, was way over in a corner and it seemed almost impossible for the reflection to reach that far, but it did.  My photo doesn’t do the refection justice, it was a beautiful blue and it shimmer with a soft glow, we were just lucky to be there, at that time to see it.

January 2017


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