It’s raining here in the Uk, well the bit I live in, its pouring down.  We were suppose to have nice weather from the middle of the week……but no, wet and horrible, the weather has got about ten hour to dry out.  We are going to Dorset and Devon for a few days and then to London for the rugby, England v France, looking forward to that, even if it does rain.  As I’m still sorting photos, this is a daily chore, I thought I would look for some sun, but I found some birds instead.  These are photos that I took when we were driving through Switzerland on the way home in 2015 and the nearest sign post pointed to Berne, so we were somewhere nearby, although I have no idea where we really were.  Anyway I’m not very good at identifying birds, so not sure what this beautiful creature is…….I am sure one of you will know 🙂  The other photos are of the local architecture of the wonderful designed buildings that we drove passed on the way.   All photos are taken from the car window.

PS I think the bird is a Red Kite, we see them in Wales, but it just looks a little different 🙂




4 Replies to “Driving Near Berne, Switzerland”

  1. I don’t know much of anything about European birds, but I think I’m safe in saying it’s some kind of raptor. 🙂 Those are really interesting buildings. The big one looks like a combination of house and barn. Do they do that? I can remember stories about farmers stringing ropes between the house and barn so they could go back and forth in a blizzard. Putting the two buildings together would seem to make a lot more sense.

    1. I think the bird is a Red Kite, similar to the ones we see in Wales and yes every inch a raptor 🙂 Yes the buildings are combined, the animals in one end and the family the other. We still have farms here like that in Wales and Cornwall. My uncle had one in Cornwall, but when he bought it had long since changed to a cottage with an old barn attached, for storage, but the animals had lived in it many years ago 🙂

  2. I think your right on the kite.. if it was over here in Ga ,I would have said it was a red tail hawk… so I googled to see if there was a difference,to find out that your kite and the hawk were both of the Accipitridae family. Nice to see the different buildings there.

    1. Had to look up Accipitridae 🙂 but now I know. I think it is a red kite, I looked ar the photos of the ones I took in Wales and they’re the same. I love all the different buildings, so many different kinds 🙂

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