Grindelwald Village, The Jungfrau, Switzerland

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On our first visit to the top of the Jungfrau, in Switzerland two years ago, we stopped at one of the mountain villages on our way back down.  There are several stops that you can make if you fancy an ice-cream or just have a wander around and then catch the next train down.  We choose Grindelwald, as it seemed one of the larger stops.  The weather at the top of the Jungfrau, had been spectacular, we had gone through the clouds and it was a perfect blue sky.  But as we sat in a cafe garden eating our ice-cream…..yes we had ice-cream, it was wonderful and so was the coffee…..the cloud started to thicken and it brought a chill to the air, the weather here can change in a flash.  So we finished and walked back to the train station and caught the next train, we were just in time, the rain came down, that mountain rain is cold stuff, and I for one, was pleased to get on the train.  But we had spent a couple of hours enjoying Grindelwald, with the amazing mountain views, I couldn’t stop taking photos of them and that ice-cream was yummy……















15 Replies to “Grindelwald Village, The Jungfrau, Switzerland”

  1. You may have come down, but you’re still pretty high up! I couldn’t help looking at those cliffs and wondering if there’s any rock climbing done up there. But if the weather is that unpredictable, maybe not. Looks like a lovely town, maybe you can stop again sometime. The train with all the images on it is really interesting. Great shots. 🙂

    1. Yes we were still very high and they do a lot of climbing and you can walk down from the last stop but one to the mountain top, all the way to the bottom, if you had a fancy too 🙂 Yes I liked that train, it is showing images of mountain life. It was lovely sitting in the sun eating ice cream, When we went the following year, it was just all cloud, such a shame. Glad you liked the photos 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful!!! I also love those commuter buses or whatever you call them 😄 They dressed them up nicely with the art work! The flowers..😍 Flowers are even prettier viewed in winter

    1. Yes it was a lovely place to stop, thy are trains that take you up the mountain and it can get a bit scary as they get close to edge and its a long way down 🙂

    1. Thank you Victoria, the whole trip is spectacular, we have done it twice, but the second time it was mostly in cloud, but still fun on all the different trains that take you up to the top of the mountain 🙂

  3. What a fantastic place!! Your photos are magical, beautifully captured. I’ve been to Switzerland but not this area. I think a return visit is now going on my bucket list!!

  4. Beautiful photos and the Jungfrau region is spectacular. Have been writing about our trip from last summer on the blog so have a read please. We stayed I. Lauterbrunnen but spent a cloudy day in Grondelwald and loved both places.

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