Charmouth, World Famous Fossil Beach, West Dorset

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We had a short break away last week and we ended up staying in Charmouth, in Dorset.  Once we had booked into our hotel, we headed for the world famous fossil beach and thankfully the rain had stopped, although it was still windy.  There were people on the beach, but we just stopped for a quick photo shot, as we were hopefully coming back the next day to hunt fossils and to take more photos of this wonderful coastline.




February 2017

23 Replies to “Charmouth, World Famous Fossil Beach, West Dorset”

  1. Great photos, Lynne, That’s a really beautiful coast line. Are all those folks hunting for fossils? Looks like a lovely town, too. 🙂

  2. A lovely set of images, Lynne [have I spelt your name right?]. I especially love the fabulous Dorset coastline. Exquisite captures. Glad you made it to the beach.

    1. Thank you Isabella and yes its Lynne, but thats fine, there are so many forms of it, ha ha it can even been made longer, Lynnie. But anyway, I’m glad you like the photos, its a dream of a place to take photos. Tonight…..I will be posting our fossil hunt find 🙂

      1. I look forward to fossil-hunting. It’s something I’ve never done. I’d love to visit Dorset.

    1. Just had a look at the next day photos with the storm and those shapes are still the same on top of the cap, so maybe small trees or rocks and not people.

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