Walk Along Charmouth Fossil Beach, Dorset

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Our second visit to Charmouth Beach in Dorset, the world famous fossil beach the following afternoon, was a little different weather wise.  All day the sea had been stormy, lashing down on all the seaside resorts we had visited to take photos and we thought that a walk along the beach at Charmouth for fossil hunting was not going to be possible.   Still we would have a look, as we parked the car the rain ceased and the sky lightened, although it was still tear watering windy.  So on with hats, scarves, warm coats, and off we went.  All I can say is they must be hardy folk who live here, because that wind was freezing cold, and the noise from the waves, echoed off the cliffs, like a dull roar all the time.  There were a few hardy fossil hunters, because the storm during the night had brought down small landslides.  You could actually see small rivers of mud coming down onto the beach, like long fingers….its a little dangerous because there were some large chunks of cliff that had come down and its best not to get too close.  You will see a little fossil that we found, but although small, its amazing, because we just found it just laying on the stones.  You will see another photo of a couple fossils on a large rock, some people, whom we were passing, had just found the rock, so I took a quick photo.    The photos will tell the story of the walk….but please wear some warm clothing….


The start of the walk, which takes you over the River Char and onto the beach.


The River Char entering the sea.



Looking back at Charmouth Village.




Walking towards Golden Cap, the hill in the distance.


 Our pride and joy, our very own little fossil 🙂


And this fossil belongs to someone else, but it shows you what real fossil hunters can find.


 Erosion that is effecting the cliffs, and just the storm that we had experienced during the night, had brought down quite a lot more cliff, than what we had seen the pervious day.

Walking back along the beach to Charmouth Village.

Just a few of the dogs and people we encountered on our walk.


We then passed back over the bridge to the car park and there is a view of the other side of the river flowing down to join the sea.


February 2017


15 Replies to “Walk Along Charmouth Fossil Beach, Dorset”

  1. I think you have to watch your step on that beach, might as well be looking for fossils. 🙂 I’m a bit of a nut about rocks, I’d probably come out with full pockets but no fossils. Did you bring any dogs on this trip? They would have had lots of company. Congratulations on your fossil and thanks for all the great photos. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat. No doggies this trip, as we here to visit River Cottage and have a meal, but they would have enjoyed it. There were lots of rocks on the beach, I did pick up a couple that had nice shapes, I have a large bowel that I add rocks that I find on our walks. i have been to Charmouth before, many years ago and the cliffs were massive, but now the weather had really eroded them away. We are not very good hunters, but least we or Steve, who really found it, found one 🙂

  2. How exciting your own fossil! your photos did lovely job of telling the story. The little chubby terrier was either was enjoying himself or was wanting in his friends coat.

    1. I know 🙂 I’m really please we found one, or Steve found one, he really wanted to 🙂 There were so many doggies on the beach, I had a lovely time taking their photos…..he was rather sweet, that little one 🙂

    1. Jo, I did think of you actually, as I found a stone with lots of holes in it….I thought Jo would know what this is 🙂 It was a lovely walk, although the wind was cruelly cold, but it kept a lot of people away, so it was quite empty, which was good for the photos. And yes we got a lovely souvenir 🙂

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