St Paul’s Church, Honiton, East Devon

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On our trip to Dorset & Devon, we had afternoon tea in the lovely market town of Honiton in East Devon.  After an enjoyable cream tea, well….. my husband had the cream tea and I had black coffee & cream cheese with salmon on rye bread, both were very delicious.  Anyway, we had a little stroll down the High Street and found the town church, St Paul’s Church, although, it’s not the oldest church in Honiton.  In 1406 a church dedicated to St Michael was built on a hill overlooking the growing town of Honiton. For over 400 years St Michael’s served the needs of the town, but the focus of settlement gradually moved away from the church, and by the early 19th century it was no longer large enough or convenient enough for its parishioners.  In 1835 a new church was built in the high street and was designed by Charles Fowler of London, who also designed Covent Garden Market. in London.


The interior is an attractive example of early Victorian Romanesque style.  The nave is laid out in 7 bays, leading to a rounded apse, with light being admitted through round-headed windows in the aisles and clerestorey. The entire nave is ringed by galleries, which adds character to the interior.




What is nice about this church is, it was built as a Victorian Church and is not a revamped Medieval building, which is something the Victorians never seemed to get right.  St Paul’s has a really nice feel to it and is very well maintained, not the type of church I normally visit, but well worth the stop and it was open, which is always a good thing.




St Paul’s is listed Grade II for its architectural and historic importance. The tower of the church is a landmark in the Otter Valley and is visible for a long distance.  St Paul’s is the first Devon church I have posted, although I have one more to post, but St Paul’s is the first.  I am trying to visit at least one church from each of our English counties and St Paul’s is number 20 out of, I think 48 ….only another 28 to go……its there truly that amount of counties.




February 2017

6 Replies to “St Paul’s Church, Honiton, East Devon”

  1. Beautiful church. Active, too. What do you call the stand with the eagle (?) on the globe? It looks like it would hold a book. Maybe for reading scripture? Great pictures Lynne, thanks. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat. The eagle is a lectern and yes it was used for reading the scriptures, this one looks like it has been replaced by a wooden plain one. Which is a shame as it’s rather a beautiful one, but at least they have kept it in the church for us to see 🙂

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