About this time last year 2016, I tried to visit Marham Parish Church, but unfortunately it was locked.  I spent a little time looking around the graveyard, which I will post about, but it was as I turned to walk back down the path, I saw some ruins across the road.  I love finding old ruins, I had no idea what they were, and if the trees had been in leaf, I would never had seen them.  They looked like they were on private land, which I have found out since, they are.  They are in the grounds of Abbey House and they are a Scheduled Ancient Monument and Listed Grade II

The house was actually up for sale a while ago and I found the following information …….. Abbey House occupies an historic setting on the edge of the village of Marham, set in extensive gardens and grounds within which lie the picturesque ruins of a Cistercian Abbey and Nunnery founded in 1249.  Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries which began in 1536, the Abbey and Nunnery, the only Cistercian Order in Norfolk, fell into disrepair and much of the building materials used in The Abbey House are believed to have been plundered from the Abbey ruins.  There are fine views over the ruins of the Abbey with a substantial section of one wall remaining and the tracery of two Rose windows.  There are also earthworks and buried remains of the Cistercian Nunnery and Medieval Abbey Precinct which are situated in the grazing meadows to the south of the house.  Its just a shame that you can’t get any closer to them, but I suppose we are lucky that there is a large wall with rose windows still standing, and not just a pile of stones.  So glad I stopped to take a look at the church, the ruins made up for the church being locked.



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