Old Water Mill At Cornaig, Isle of Tiree

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While on the Isle of Tiree, off the west coast of Scotland, in May 2016, we came across a water mill at Cornaig.  As I was taking my photos, an elderly man walked up to me and started talking.  He had visited the island 50 years ago when he was a younger man, and had come back for a visit,  In his hand, he held a small photo of the mill that he had taken on that trip.  I would have asked, if I could take a photo of his photo, but his late wife was in the photo and it just didn’t seem right.  But you could see that the mill had been restored to a certain degree, since he had taken his photo. 


A little history for you …..The Mill at Cornaig was commissioned in 1771 by the 5th Duke of Argyll.  It was to grind the corn for the whole island.  The wheel was rescued and restored in 2006 by the Boyd family who are the present owners.  A local skilled metal worker, agreed to undertake this challenging project. The work was done in situ as the wheel was too fragile to move.  The mill was still working in 1920.  I have added the mill to my ‘Windmill & Watermill’ category, which hopefully will grow larger throughout this coming year.




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