Village Sign & Church of Weston Longville, Norfolk

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I have fallen a long way behind with my village signs, and thought I had better post some.  So the idea is to post, when I come across them, while sorting…….hopefully.  I have picked quite a hard one to start the ball rolling again, a heraldry village sign.  There is no church depicted, but I have given up on the idea that all signs must have church on them.  If I can get a photo with a sign and a church, so much the better, but to omit all signs, would be a shame as there are some truly nice ones.  Also most of the signs are taken from the car window, but occasionally I do get out, but not often.  Anyway back to this sign.

The US Second Air Division 466 Bombardment Group had a base and airfield here during the Second World War and they paid for the village sign.  On the sign are three shields, top left is for New College Oxford, who held the living for the church.  The other two shields, one is for the Rokewood family, who held an estate and the other, the Custance family who owned the Old Hall.  I am not over fond of heraldry village signs, mainly because there are very difficult to read, who would know who those shields belong to now…..a sign with the church on would have been so much nicer.

December 2016

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