Kilchoman Whisky Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland

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Oh dear….my husband asked me tonight, if I had kept up a record of the ‘Whisky Distilleries’ that we have visited on my blog, which I had told him I would do.  Well nearly, was my answer, very nearly.  So it looks like it will be a mad dash to get them on, I know where this has come from.  We are going up to Inverness this time next week for four days, and he wants to visit some more distilleries, he just wanted to get in the mood and reminisce on the ones we have visited.  So to start the ball rolling, again, we visited Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland, last year 2016, which I think has eight distilleries.  Kilchoman Distillery produces single malt whisky on the western side of Islay, near the small settlement of Kilchoman, hence the name.  Established in 2005, it’s a farm distillery and the first to be built on Islay for 124 years.  There is a very nice cafe and a well stock shop, which kept me happy, while husband enjoyed looking and tasting the whisky.  I have also added a few photos for you to see the wonderful location.


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16 Replies to “Kilchoman Whisky Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland”

  1. I dont have private email for you…nor you for me…but if you do come to the Glenmorangie distillery Tain…give me a proposed day [with couple of days notice] and time and me and hubby could meet you both at Dornoch Castle Hotel for coffee, cake and a roaring medieval fire…I will keep checking back to here to see if you can…would be nice.

    1. Oh Stephanie, it would be wonderful to met you and your husband and whats more afternoon tea in a castle….. would Friday 3rd of March at 2.00pm be ok. I hope so, Steve printed off the history of the castle for me and of course there is the cathedral, looks like you live in a wonderful part of Scotland. Look forward to hearing from you, Lynne 🙂

      1. 3rd March at 2pm will be fine…we look forward to meeting you both then… :))) There is also a fantastic beach at Dornoch for you to run wee Nancy!

      2. Great, really looking forward to it 🙂 Unfortunately and we haven’t told her yet, Nancy has to stay at home. Most of the trip is work related and as its mostly in the catering business, she can’t come in with us. But she will be fine with the other three dogs 🙂

  2. Ok, problem! We have just had news of a funeral at exactly that same time on that day, our next door neighbor here for 7 years…Could we either make it earlier or later same day?

      1. Ok, how about 3.15-3.30…that will allow us time to get over there too…would love to meet up…

      2. Yes that would be lovely, anyway it gives me a chance to look at the cathedral. I had a look at your blog about it, as I remembered that you did some posts on it. So hopefully we will met on Friday, really looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Yes me too…also look out for the medieval market cloth measuring slab in the churchyard of the Cathedral…see you then 🙂

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