Caol Ila Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland

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Nearing the end of our Whisky Tour of Isley, May 2016 and the one my husband really wanted to visit, was the very difficult to pronounce Caol Ila Distillery.  He really likes this whisky, we even had to drive down after it was closed, just so he could have a look, we had seen it on the ferry coming back from Jura and it did look quite intriguing, nestled in a small bay.  The next day we had a proper look and visited the shop for a couple of tastings.


Pronounced ‘cull-eela’ but say it very quickly and you just might get to hear how it should be pronounced.   The distillery is situated on the North Eastern shores of Islay, with magnificent views across the Sound of Islay to the spectacular Paps of Jura. 


This is what the web site says……..Islay’s hidden gem, nestled down at the sleepy bay of Caol Ila lies the islands biggest distillery. Like all of Islay’s distilleries Caol Ila is surrounded in some if Scotland’s most beautiful scenery. Sitting on the edge of the sound of Islay, Caol Ila stands tall and proud alongside the fast flowing water separating Islay from Jura making it one of the most picture perfect settings for a distillery.  They are not far wrong, the scenery is spectacular, I should think, come rain or shine. 

6 Replies to “Caol Ila Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland”

  1. It is beautiful. This distillery visiting,is it something one can just do when they feel like it? Or do they have to make an appointment with the distillery first? When we visited a tea plantation ,we first had to make a reservation.

    1. You can go to a distillery and visit the shop, have a taste of whisky, to buy the whisky and have a look around the exterior. But if you want to visit and take a tour, sometimes you have to book, but if they are not busy you you can just on on the next tour. When we went to Ben Nevis before Christmas to buy some whisky, the guy there showed just us around, he actually said would we like a tour, I think he was bored 🙂 Sad thing is you can’t take photos of where they make the whisky, all hush, hush 🙂 But I would love to visit a tea plantation 🙂

      1. I would enjoy a tour ,would be interesting . Here in Ga , they did,(probably still do) they made moonshine. We have an old moonshine bottle that we found in our woods down by the creek where at one point and time there was a set up.

      2. There are interesting to visit, as each place, makes the whisky different to the next. A moonshine bottle, thats history, you can just imagine how well hidden that set up would have been 🙂

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