Village Sign & Church, All Saints, Fosdyke, Lincolnshire

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Fosdyke in Lincolnshire is another village with a church depicted on the village sign.  But as with the church in Great Gonerby, it was locked.  I wasn’t having a good day, every church had been locked, but least there were some village signs to explore.

There has always been a Port at Fosdyke, which dates back to the 12th century, and together with agriculture, these were the mainstay of employment in the village until recent times when the old Port and its shrimp fleet ceased to trade. Today, the main source of employment is still agriculture, hence the vegetables and tractor on the sign,  The new bridge over the Welland is the third, but the bus has me a little lost, unless……In the 18th century this was a popular bathing resort for Sunday afternoon outings, treacherous though the waters were and still are.  

As I said, the church was locked and I think by this time, I was just a little tiny bit fed up of locked doors.  Its the spire that always catches my eye as we drive past going north.  On that day back in May 2015, I actually got my husband to stop the car outside the church.  All Saints is not an old church, consecrated in 1871, but its the slightly leaning chevron leaded spire that makes you want to go and checked it out.  

A little I have read about the church….Resembling the early English style, the interior of the building is magnificently simple, and yet beautifully proportioned, only the plainest of materials are used, save the 3 lancets of stained glass which make up the imposing East window, and yet the overall effect for a small village church is a masterful example of the work of architect Edward Browning.  This church replaced an earlier one, see below photo, which, unfortunately burnt to the ground and this church had replaced an even older church.  The very first church would have been Medieval( first records 1439) as there is a lovely 15th century font, which I have yet to see…… such a shame the church was closed.

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14 Replies to “Village Sign & Church, All Saints, Fosdyke, Lincolnshire”

  1. Looks like a perfect day! I just had to wonder if the wealthy English plantation ladies missed going to church in such big beautiful churches,compared to some of the little churches here.

    1. Maybe, but the little churches have a charm of their own and they were going to a new way of life….. ha ha I bet they missed the shops though 🙂 only joking 🙂

      1. Lol! Come to think of it ,a lot of those ladies had a second house in the city like Savannah or Augusta around here …and they would of had shops. It was to hot out in the country with too many critters.😉

      2. Yes, you are right, a bit like here, a house in the country and one in a city 🙂 So yes they would continue do so. I expect they stayed in the city a lot 🙂

      1. I love that church, I think the exterior is just as wonderful as the interior. We visit every flower festival and they have the font cover open for all to see, so beautiful. Once you come off the main roads, the traffic filters down dramatically, there are so many beautiful churches to visit, like this one at Terrington St Clement , I enjoyed your visit 🙂

  2. I’m ashamed to admit that I have never yet visited The Walpoles because at that point, just after (or just before) Lynn I just want to get to Norwich or to get on my way home.

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