Middleton Mound Castle, Middleton, Norfolk

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I just love finding things in the most the unlikely places, take this mound, Middleton Mound Castle, is in the middle of a housing estate, Middleton is about 5 miles from Kings Lynn in Norfolk.  It does take a lot of imagination to see a caste there at all, but ……Middleton Mount is an 11th century mound upon which a castle keep once stood as is typical of some of the lesser castle remains throughout Norfolk from the 11th and 12th century. The castle was founded by William d’Ecouis and was a motte and bailey fortress which was thought to be constructed from timber.  The large motte, is encased by a wide ditch and to the east is a sub rectangular bailey, with the remains of its encasing rampart and ditch. Excavations of the ploughed out bailey shows, that the castle was also occupied during the early 12th century.  Its wonderful really, that it wasn’t all flatten in times gone past and what is even more interesting…..it that it was most likely a high status Saxon site and the Normans added the motte and bailey…..well its interesting to me 🙂

Photos taken in 2016



6 Replies to “Middleton Mound Castle, Middleton, Norfolk”

  1. This is interesting!! The information broad gave me a better idea of how to look at the mount,other wise I didn’t know what to look for or try to imagine.

    1. Glad you could read the sign, it was very dirty, I wished I had some wet wipes with me to clean it….but I didn’t, but thats fine if you can read it. I sometimes have trouble trying to imagine what I am looking at, but luckily lots have information boards now so we can see what a mound or a pile stones once looked like 🙂

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