Watch Out, There’s a Fox About

We still have lots of thatched cottages in the UK, and they are lovely to look at, especially if they have straw animals on the ridges.  There is a tradition of decorating thatched roofs with what are properly called ‘Straw Finials’.  These generally consist of animals such as cockerels, dogs or pigs modelled in straw and placed at the top of the ridge. This tradition originates from the West country.  So when we were in Devon, last year 2016, I found this fox or dog, hard to tell, creeping up on top of the pheasants and some kind of other little bird.  They can be found in other areas of the UK, but the ones we have here in the Fens, are straw witches, I am still trying to work out why that would be 🙂


    1. I love seeing a newly thatched roof, so pale and crisp looking, which darkens after the weather has got to it 🙂 They are very clever at what they do 🙂

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