We visited Eastnor Castle last year, 2016, to drive cars off road, we had won a ‘Land Rover Experience Day’  which is held in the grounds of the castle.  As it didn’t cost anything and you can choose where you want to take your experience……we or I, of course jumped at the chance of taking it at a Castle.  There were a couple of castles on the list to cloose from, but Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury in Herefordshire sounded interesting.  The day came and so did the rain, it poured, it did stop in the end, but turned into a very dark cloudy and wet day…..not good for photos.  Unfortunately the Castle was closed as a foreign Prince was visiting, but we were allowed to drive by.  This only happened, as I was a little upset….just a little…as the main reason we had chosen this venue, was because of the castle.  So we were allowed to drive by, or rather our instructor was allowed, with us in the car……I was beginning to think, was it really worth it, but as the chance of ever visiting the castle again is highly unlikely, yes it was.  

After we passed by, we went off to play, off roading.  But first some of the history I found on the castle….Eastnor Castle is a 19th-century mock or revival castle, situated in the foot hills of the Malvern Hills, two miles from the town of Ledbury in Herefordshire, England, by the village of Eastnor.  The  Castle is still the family home of the descendants of the builder, Lord Somers, and feels lived in and warm. Visitors are able to view some of the bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the impressive state rooms and Great Hall, which is nearly 60 foot high. There are walks through the grounds and around the lake amongst redwoods and cedars. The 19th century ice house has been restored and is also open to visitors. It was a shame it was closed on the day of our visit, after seeing some of the photos on their web site, it does look quite nice.

I got out of the car to take the photos of the car doing its two wheelie thing, I wanted a record, just incase it toppled over, but of course it didn’t.  Also we had some colourful spectators, very beautiful ones.  After driving around the off road course, we then did a bit of exploring.  The exploring was for me, as I just wanted to take some photos of the Estate that you wouldn’t normally get to see.  We found an empty farmhouse, that I feel sure they will restore to holiday homes or similar in the future, so it was interesting to see the buildings before they carry out the work.

We also found a very happy gardener.

And lastly a house that I would quite happily live in.  So all in all, not a a bad day in the end, despite the weather.

9 Replies to “The Eastnor Castle Experience”

  1. You may have missed out on the castle, but you came out with a lot of great photos. I especially like the out buildings in black and white. Thanks, Lynne. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, I liked those as well, I wasn’t suppose to go and look, but I promised I wouldn’t go inside them. It must have been a wonderful farm, once upon a time 🙂

  2. Wow, what a castle,then beautiful birds, rust buildings, a happy gardener,and a stunt driver all in one post! Oh, yes and a lovely house… I so enjoyed it all.

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