Richborough Castle / Roman Fort, Nr Sandwich, Kent

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I find it quite amazing that you can live somewhere for a few years and still miss things.  We lived in Kent for about four years (this was quite a few years ago now) and visited Sandwich quite a few times, as its a very attractive Kentish town.  But never did I realise that the first Romans had landed and made a Fort at Richborough just down the road, of course the sea was nearer at the time of the Roman Invasion.  But on a trip to see family in 2015 we passed a sign, I swear the sign had never been there before, so course we had to go and investigate and we found the Fort.

A little history…. Richborough Castle, the modern name for what is left of the Roman Fort Rutupiae, rears its great bulk against the skyline about one mile from Sandwich and was probably the landing place for the Roman invasion of 43 AD and it appears to have remained in use until the end of Roman rule. Now inland, during the Roman period the site was an island on the south side of the Wantsum Channel.  The site was occupied into the 5th century and reused in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval times. It is now in the care of English Heritage.  Which brings me to a sore point, I forgot our English Heritage cards, it is a little expensive, so I just walked around the outside, trespassed on a farmers field, to get some side views.  Its quite amazing how large this site is, I didn’t get to see the Amphitheatre as its inside the walls, but I would like to return on a nice hot summers day and take some more photos of the interior.  

6 Replies to “Richborough Castle / Roman Fort, Nr Sandwich, Kent”

  1. Yes, we tend to miss our close surroundings. Did my schooling in England, North Staffordshire, and I missed out so much. Will do my revisits through your site! Thank you.

    1. Here in the UK, we have the National Trust and English Heritage, they both look after big house, castles etc. You have to pay for most of the places they look after and nowadays it costs quite a lot of money. Today we went to Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire and it would have been £7.50 each, but because we pay a set price each year, I think in total for both of them about £100.00 for a year and you get cards. Which means that you can visit as many times as you want and there are hundreds of sites to visit. It didn’t cost us to go in, although we have paid at the start, but you could visit a hundred places, so it would only cost £1.00 for the two of us. Oh dear I hope that makes sense 🙂

      1. It does,over here it would be considered a membership. They are offered at museums,or aquariums. If you buy a membership you have better privileges that just a walk in.

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