Village Sign & Church, St John, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

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St John,

This was going to be a post on Denny Abbey, but after visiting Manchester and Sheffield today, one is a little tired, well shattered more like 🙂  But it was worth it though, the sky was more blue than cloud and the sun was shining, which made going through the Peak District a pleasure.  

So a quick Church and Village sign ……… All I can find about the Village sign is …….Waterbeach village sign erected in 1980 as a memorial to local doctor John Pritchard.  Waterbeach is on the Car Dyke, a Roman waterway whose course continues on to Lincoln, and there is also evidence of Roman settlement at the southern end of the village.  Looking at the sign, it looks like a Heron taking flight from a waterway, this could be Car Dyke or the River Cam and maybe the Doctor studied Waterfowl… yet I have drawn a blank about him.  The sign is dated 1980 and is made of metal.

We stopped at the church, St John the Evangelist, and I must say, a pretty church, with a very neat and tidy churchyard.  The church is normally open, except when they are carrying out repairs…… door well and truly locked.  I did get a couple of wonderful gargoyles. 

A few details of the church……..The oldest building in Waterbeach is the parish church of St John the Evangelist. There are some surviving Norman features which indicate that its origins were late 12th century although in general the architecture is Early English and Perpendicular. Much restoration and reconstruction has taken place over the centuries and is continuing. The bell and altar from the Fen Church, which was demolished after the floor collapsed during a harvest festival since in the 1960s, is in the south aisle.

Visit of July 2016

9 Replies to “Village Sign & Church, St John, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire”

    1. No they are gargoyles as they are used to take the water away from the guttering around the church roofs and towers, the rain water shots out of their mouths and sometimes their bottoms, but we won’t talk about those ones, so rude ha ha 🙂 Grotesques are more or less just for show, more often on a column inside the church, as window and doors stops, but a good guess 🙂

      1. Ah – I couldn’t see the spout in the little face, so thought they weren’t gargoyles. And I was so proud of myself for remembering the name – grotesque! 😀
        Funny that they have rude ones too!

      2. Oh they have very rude ones, to rude to post ha ha 🙂 You should be proud not many people even know what a grotesque is 🙂

  1. So the exterior surface is stones of various sizes? I wondered if that was intentional on the builders part or the result of repairs. Either way, sooo very pretty. I love stones!

    1. There would have been lots of patching up on the church and lots of repairs, but I think it adds charm to the church. And you are right, it is very pretty 🙂

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