St Peters Church Tower, Bastwick, Norfolk

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We had driven through Potter Heigham in Norfolk in March 2016, looking for the Parish Church, and totally missed it.  Husband did not really want to turn back, as the weather looked like it was about to turn quite nasty.  I agreed with him, the church could wait until another day…… but could we go and have a look at a church tower that I had just spied over in a field…..there was a deep sigh, but he agreed.

We drove around to where I thought we might be able to visit the tower, but then realised it’s on private land……in someones back garden.  I knew nothing about the church, only that we were in the village of Bastwick.  So after some investigation, I only found a very small amount about the church, but I did out that the cottage and tower had been up for sale.  I found a little bit on the website, ‘The flint tower which stands in the grounds, was originally the tower to St Peter’s church. The church was built during the time of Edward the Confessor in the 11th century.  A stone christening font and a cross base, with apostles standing on either side, remain in the grounds’.

From the little that I found out about the church…… the church was in ruins by 1618, although the webpage says the church was 11th century, it seems that the tower is 14th century…..I think if the tower was 11th century, it would have been round.  But it was a nice find, and I just wonder if this is is the new owner in the below photo, pottering about the garden.

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