Cloudy High Road to Glen Coe, Scotland

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We have been to Suffolk for the week-end and unfortunately….no internet, so I sorted some photos.  We had a lovely visit, as the sun shone all week-end, lots of exploring… even more photos to sort.  The above photos, are therefore not Suffolk, but of our last trip through Glen Coe, December 2016.  Every time we drive up to and through the Glen, the weather is different, this time is was very cloudy, beautiful in its own right 🙂

22 Replies to “Cloudy High Road to Glen Coe, Scotland”

    1. Yes they were very moody on that day, it was a week before Christmas. There is normally snow, but non this visit, I think it came after we left, thank goodness, or we might have got stuck up there 🙂

  1. I love the photo with the fog (cloud) at the top of the mountain. Growing up next to Lake Michigan has made fog my favorite weather phenomenon.

    1. These are clouds in the Scottish Highlands and Mountains Carla, we have fog where we live, because of the water, the same as Lake Michigan. We flew over Lake Michigan once and it looked more like an inland sea 🙂

  2. Seeing these beautiful pictures I remember well why I love Scotland so much. Irresistible; but I must admit that I’ven never been to that part of the Highlands.

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