Hill Top Castle – Reifenstein Castle (Castel Tasso) South Tyrol, Italy

On a train trip to Italy from the UK in 2016, I saw some wonderful castles and churches from the train window.  I think my favourite castles, were the ones perched up high on a hill top.  This one I especially liked, as you can see the old stone castle walls surrounding the castle complex.  I think we were going through Austria, or it could have been Italy 🙂

Update – After a bit of research, which I should have carried out before I posted, I found the castle.  I also found another photo of the castle.

Reifenstein Castle (Castel Tasso) South Tyrol, Italy, there are apparently some wonderful frescoes inside the castle, so well worth a visit.


  1. It reminds me of Castel Roncolo in Bozen, Italy 🙂 But I can’t bet on that. But surely it does look like something from South Tyrol or Austria.

    1. I googled ‘Castel Roncolo in Bozen’ and yes it looks similar, but its not that castle, although I would love to see that one. I think it was in the South Tyrol…..ha ha trouble is on a train there are no sign posts 🙂

    1. Hi Evangelina, I not sure but I have spent ages looking at Hohenwerfen Castle, I think this one is a lot smaller and not so high. Also we were going from Munich to Innsbruck, but that is another beautiful castle for the list when we next go by car 🙂

      1. Hm, then I don’t know. It is difficult to tell since your picture is a bit far away. I will make more research about it. If I come up with something I let you know but I am fairly certain it is an Austrian castle.

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