A Church in the South Tyrol, Italy

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Another photo from the train window, while traveling from the UK to Venice, Italy 2016.  We saw a great many tall red spired churches, in fact in the end they all look the same and I have spent quite a while researching this one.  But every time I think I have found it, something is not quite right.  The church appeared after we had passed Reifenstein Castle, as per my previous post, but it was before Trento……my, thats narrowed it down a lot… anyway its the image of the church that counts 🙂


12 Replies to “A Church in the South Tyrol, Italy”

  1. Do you have Google Earth? You could follow the train line to find the church. You really do a great job of taking pictures through train windows. I don’t remember ever seeing a church with a red steeple. Nice! 🙂

    1. Thanks Pat and thats a good idea, I will have a look. The problem is, there are lots of them and they do all look the same. It was ok with the photos if the windows were clean, or if I could focus on a clean part of the window, I just enjoyed taking them, the scenery was wonderful 🙂

  2. Oh God, that’s really hard to say…in that area of South Tyrol, thr bell towers look all the same, as they are made like this to make the snow slip away from the roof :/

    1. Yes, thats what I found, but I didn’t know about the roof, so the snows slips away from the roof, so thank you for that. They are very beautiful though perched up high 🙂

    1. It was a wonderful trip, if you include going to Florence from Venice, it was 12 different trains…..thats there and back, but by different routes. It was a long way though, with 2 night stop overs, but well worth it 🙂 Steve will not fly, so I have to think of other ways to get to far distant lands 🙂

      1. Well if I can find a round the world cruise that does SA, when I retire, yes it would be hahaha 🙂 But as I lost 2 lots of G G Grandfathers going round the cape, in sailings ships, maybe not a good idea 🙂

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