I love taking photos of tractors, and if there are seagulls following the tractors, even better.  This is not a tractor, I think its a spreader.  I really wanted to catch the person driving the machine, for my occupation category, he or she is in there somewhere…..so its going in anyway, as ‘Driver of a Farm Spreader’  Then I couldn’t make up my mind, faded or mono……… 🙂

Somewhere in the Fens – May 2015

13 Replies to “Two Tone Spreader”

      1. Well muck is pretty nasty, especially if you have to shovel it as I used to do when I had a holiday job one summer on a chicken farm a long time ago when I was a student 😬

      2. I fell into a pit of the stuff – went in right up to my waist. 😱 Someone lent me some trousers but there was no shower. I had plenty of room on the bus home at the end of my shift!

  1. Nice spreader, although the air maybe not have smelled so nice.. we just had a few days like that the beginning of this week ,as they spread manure on the back fields.

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