Last year 2016, we were waiting for a ferry to take us to the Isle of Mull early in the morning and I managed to capture one of the fishing trawlers coming into Oban.  Which is a good one for my ‘Occupation Category’ – Trawler Fisherman.

6 Replies to “Scottish Trawler”

  1. I wonder, how long would I have to live in Scotland to see all there is to see? One year? Two? And for that matter, what about the British Isles as a whole? How long would I have to live there to see all the wonderful things? Probably the rest of my lifetime 🙂 Some things are the same all over though, I guess. I have fields behind and in front of my house as well as both sides of the road going right or left. And manure spreaders are the worst! Well, to be fair, chemicals are worse.

    1. Ha ha, I think you would have to have a couple of life times to see everything, then I’m not sure its enough. I’m sure that really most thing are nearly the same in any country really……but you have a very large country to explore, I would think you would need a dozen lifetime to explore it all 🙂

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