Kilmartin Cross, Kilmartin Church, Scotland

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Inside the parish church of Kilmartin, Scotland, which we visited in May 2016, there are three wonderful ancient stone crosses, this post is about the early Christian cross called ‘ The Kilmartin Cross’, which was created in about AD 900.  It has short cross-arms and is intricately carved with a diagonal key pattern.  At its centre is an unusual curled diagonal cross, with almond-shaped frames above and below.  The cross was found laying in the churchyard in 1860, with one of the arms snapped off.  The cross was re-erected near the entrance and was brought inside in 1977.  There is a black and white photo of the cross when it was standing near the entrance to the church.  Also there is a front and back to the cross, as according to the information board below, one side was later decorated to fit the broken shape, as you can see in the photo following the information board.   The next post will be about ‘The Large Cross’.


7 Replies to “Kilmartin Cross, Kilmartin Church, Scotland”

  1. I ‘stumbled’ on Kilmartin some years back. Not sure where exactly we were going, but I spotted the prehistoric signposts. (I don’t mean that the signs were prehistoric, the signs were for something prehistoric!) This always arouses my interest and so we made a beeline for them.

    1. Did you visit the church and graveyard, lots of people miss the crosses and just go straight for the prehistoric bits, which are amazing, just for the amount there are 🙂

      1. It will be-I have no recollection of going into the church but I do recall seeing some of those outside. This was before my blogging days, when I could write about such things and not have to rely on my fading brain cells!

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