Bridge over the Atlantic or Clachan Bridge, Isle of Seil, Scotland

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I’m not sure what I thought I was going to see, the first time we went to the Isle of Seil.  Everyone said, you will go over the ‘Bridge over the Atlantic’ so I’m thinking….big, huge, enormous …..something like the one to Skye……no, a simple, single-arched, hump-backed, masonry bridge, got that a bit wrong.  Its really Clachan Bridge, spanning Clachan Sound, and links the Scottish mainland to the island of Seil.   Because the Clachan Sound connects at both ends to the Atlantic Ocean, and might therefore be considered part of that ocean, the bridge came to be known as the bridge over the Atlantic.  Also the last photo is of the 18th Century Inn ‘Tigh an Truish’  which is right next to the Bridge, just case you feel the need of refreshment after exploring this interesting little bridge.

10 Replies to “Bridge over the Atlantic or Clachan Bridge, Isle of Seil, Scotland”

  1. Like the saying on the stone.. lest your tomorrows become in time ,forgotten yesterday’s! The bridge isn’t fancy but it fits in well with its surroundings .

    1. I can only think that the river swells more in the winter, so you would need a solid bridge……maybe 🙂 The Inn is under new management, so it will be interesting to see what they have done this year 🙂

  2. The saying on the bridge states quite nicely what seems to be the UK’s feelings toward her old places, which I mention in my earlier post 🙂 (I am doing some catching up today)

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