Isle of Skye, Scotland, Road Trip – Part 1

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Just to show that we did have some nice weather on our holiday in Scotland last week, May 2017.  We went to Skye on one of the sunny days and we always do a round the island road trip.  Each year I always manage to see different views, and the weather can also change everything within a few seconds.  This is a two part post and please forgive any blobs, as quite a few photos, well nearly all of them, were taken through the front windscreen……and no matter how many times you clean the screen, those pesky flies are back again, leaving their imprint, the blob.  So here are few of my impressions of Skye, with a few more to follow.

May 2017

17 Replies to “Isle of Skye, Scotland, Road Trip – Part 1”

    1. Thank you Pat, it is definitely on a needs must basis… he who drives, will only stop a few times on the way to anywhere, which is just as well or we would never get anywhere 🙂

  1. We were supposed to get married in Skye this year but couldn’t afford the time off to get up there. Your photos have prompted me to see if I can’t get a road trip going ❤️

    1. Thank you, that was a lucky shot with the phone booth, I had just zoomed into the booth, when I saw the people….all done a very high speed LOL 🙂

  2. Hello again! Okay, first, I love the picture of the black sheep. I love sheep. They give me wool for knitting. Second, is that a for real Phone booth? How funny! Third, I sometimes wonder as I look at your photos if there would have been more trees in the distance. I have read that during WWII there was massive deforestation. Fourth, I love fog. It is my favorite weather phenomenon. Must be because I grew up next to Lake Michigan. I would have been in heaven walking around in Scottish fog. There. I was trying to cover everything in one reply lol

    1. Hi Carla, glad you enjoyed the photos, I too love the sheep. Yes its a real phone booth, but I’m not sure if it works anymore 🙂 I haven’t read about the deforestation, will have to look that up. Well you would have enjoyed a lot of our holiday, for a few days, you couldn’t see a sausage 😦 But it was still a lovely holiday 🙂 Lynne

  3. These photos are beautiful. The Isle of Sky is high on my list and when I head back to Scotland it’s the first stop I am going to make!
    Were you able to do much hiking or any camping while there?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, glad you like the photos. We have a caravan, but there are plenty of places to camp and there are lots of places to hike. You will really love it, it’s a beautiful island, well all the islands are beautiful 🙂

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