I Only Have Eyes For You

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On one of our trips to Munich, Bavaria, last year, 2016, I spied this handsome dog, I think he was a little bored, so he played to the camera, like a real pro……while his owners (well most likely only one owner) just kept chatting 🙂

6 Replies to “I Only Have Eyes For You”

  1. Every time I see one I think that the next dog we get should be a husky. I love the blue eyes, or one blue and one brown lol. A husky would do well in our winter and they have such lovely padded feet that they would barely make a sound on my wood floors. Our current dog is a sweetie, but huge (great dane/lab) and his nails are sooo loud, even with trimming. I am curious, do the people in your photos know you take their pictures? I would think they would want copies.

    1. This husky had one blue and one brown, they are beautiful dogs, but need a lot of hard work, but that some dog you have, half a great dane, wow. People never see me take photos, only dogs 🙂

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