Washing drying in the sun, on the Isle of Skye, taken on holiday May 2016.  I see washing hanging out and I have to take a photo…..I’m not sure why, I just like seeing it dancing in the wind, especially if it’s really windy.  Also the cottage reminded me of the ones that we had seen on the Isle of Tiree, last year 2016, with the black stones, which are called ‘Pudding Houses’  or ‘Spotted Houses’

I also found another example, where you can see the stone work more clearly.  This cottage was a little further away from the first cottage, the first cottage didn’t have bay windows, but otherwise it’s quite similar. 

May 2017

15 Replies to “Island Washing, Skye, Scotland”

  1. There are times I wish I could hang my laundry out! Now there’s something I never thought I’d say. 🙂 Love seeing the pudding houses and the laundry. 🙂

    1. I feel the same, I have not hang out any for about the last five years, it is a matter of time. But I do love the smell of out door dried washing, something you can’t get with a tumble dryer. Glad you liked the pics 🙂

    1. I love those little houses, with the front door in the middle. We are having a little heatwave at the moment and hopefully it will stay still after the weekend 🙂

      1. Ha ha the trouble is we are not use to it, as you know, and its just getting hotter, its forecast to be about 34 on Sunday…..oh dear thats when we all start to melt 🙂

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