On The Sea Shore

This is what I would have love to have done today, paddled in some lovely cold water, but this was taken in Wales 2016 of a family on the sand, but just looking at it makes me feel a little cooler.  We have had it hot again here in Norfolk, 4 days running of, 29, 31, 34, 33 degrees and with hotter weather due….. and no rain forecasted……hope not…..it will mean a hosepipe ban.  One good thing is that its so warm at night, we can work out in the garden until about 10pm, so getting lots done, but not a lot of time for blogging, but it will soon reverted back to a normal English summer……maybe.


  1. Wouldn’t mind a wade in the water myself. We’ve been rather warm, too, but that’s not unusual here. Hope you get that cooler weather soon. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat:) but I think we are in for a mighty thunderstorm later, still it should clear the air…..as long as it doesn’t get humid…..I hate humid 😦

  2. I agree on wanting to wade in! It’s warm here but that’s normal . The temp aren’t even at their highest yet. stupid question … hose pipe ban ,does that mean just garden hoses or large irrigation lines?

    1. I am differently a cool blooded person, not quite cold, but cool 🙂 About the ban, here in the Fens the irrigation line water comes from the large ditches/drains, as there is always water in them……the land was once all marshland and the ditches keep us dry. So the farmers reuse the water, and we would be ok, as we could use the water from the two ditches that surround part of our garden. But other places are not so lucky, but I would think that crops would have to still be watered….ha ha good question….I have never really thought about it…..will have to google 🙂

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