In Search of a Lighthouse, Ardnamurchan, Scotland

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This year 2017, we explored a part of Scotland that was new to us, Ardnamurchan, which is a peninsula, on the west coast of the Highlands of Scotland.  We did the trip twice, once in fog and the second in sunshine, this turned out to be quite normal on this holiday.   On the first trip we were looking for a new whisky distillery, which we found and the second a lighthouse, which we climbed.  The first photo is of the caravan site which we were staying at, just outside of Onich, opposite Corran on the map, and we had the most wonderful views across Loch Linnhe.  The rest are of our road trip searching for the lighthouse at Ardnamurchan Point and on the last photo you can just see the top poking out of the landscape.  Next stop is the lighthouse…..

May 2017

11 Replies to “In Search of a Lighthouse, Ardnamurchan, Scotland”

  1. Ardnamurchan area and point / lighthouse is a spot we love which your post only makes me what to return. We stayed a couple of years ago in a cottage the Fort William side close to the Corran ferry then return the following year as part of a campervan trip. Looking forward to the lighthouse blog. Must visit again,

    1. Ah you know what I am trying to get across, such a beautiful wild area, luckily not really on the tourist map yet, meaning hundreds of coaches, like Iona and nearly at all the well known sites now. Still a few more posts to come about the area 🙂

    1. Oh yes sunshine is a wonderful thing, when you want to take photos…. and sunbathing…..something I haven’t done for years lol 🙂 I loved the cattle paddling 🙂

      1. Surprising as it might seem, I haven’t sunbathed in years either, as tho it is very sunny here, we tend to avoid the sun rather than burn! 🙂

      2. Yes, we have had a hot couple of days and I today would have been too hot to sit out in with out getting burnt, so your heat would be even worse…..lots of lovely shady trees and drinks are a must and just enjoy looking at it 🙂

    1. Fog has its own charm, ha ha ….well you have to make the most of it, when there was so much. But we did have some beautiful days that made up for the not so beautiful 🙂 I’m so glad we explored Ardnamurchan and it took me nearly a week to learn how to pronounce it, still have a lot more to explore.

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