Lighthouse in San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy

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I am sorting through photos, as I do every year, just as well, because I found a lighthouse for my collection.  When we visited Venice, Italy, last year 2016, I took hundreds of photos, but somehow I missed posting about this lighthouse.  I have since found out that there are two towers, one at each end of the breakwater off the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.  I only managed to get one and there’s not really any information about them, or not that I can find.  They do look very attractive in the Lagoon and are now in my ‘Lighthouse Category’ …but I have a feeling I have another one that I took on one of the islands…. must keep looking.


8 Replies to “Lighthouse in San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy”

  1. Such a handsome structure! Its style reminds me a little of other Med countries such as Malta (though there the honey-coloured stone is less cold than these marble-like blocks).

    1. Yes I think you are right, it does have that look about it…….I would love to visit Malta, so full of history….my great grandfather was there a lot in WW1 🙂

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