Ledbury, Market Town, Herefordshire

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Ledbury is a lovely little Market Town in the beautiful county of Herefordshire, which we visited in February 2015.  While I have been sorting photos, I found a group the I had sorted and were meant to be a post…….but thats as far as they went.  As we have spent the whole day in the garden, due to the wonderful weather we are having again, and gardening, not sunbathing……I thought I would use the photos, shame not to, as they do portray a wonderful little town.  

The Market House in the centre of the town was built in 1617

The church spire of St Michael & All Angels.

There was a small antiques fair in St Katherine’s Chapel & Hall…… I did come away with some lovely old crystal glasses…. one of my weaknesses lol. 

Ledbury is full of lovely little shops, eating places and many more interesting building.  It has that wonderful feeling of how all ‘English Market Towns’ would have looked, but many towns have now lost that timeless appeal.  You could almost imagine it has been the venue for a ‘Murder Mystery’ book, maybe it has.


15 Replies to “Ledbury, Market Town, Herefordshire”

  1. That’s a beautiful little town. You’re going to have to explain what a market house is, I’ve never heard of that before. 🙂

    1. Sorry Pat, lol, the black and white patterned building with the open ground floor is the Market House. There are still quite a few left in various towns. The market would be held underneath …….From google ……A market hall, market house or country market is a covered space historically used as a marketplace to buy and/or sell provisions or livestock, sometimes combined with space for public or civic functions on the upper floor(s).
      Oh dear I keep thinking of all the ones I have taken photos of, something for the future 🙂

      1. Thanks! That sounds like a great idea. Our farmers markets are out in the open. But then there’s the cost of the building, upkeep, handicap accessibility, etc, etc. I don’t suppose anyone’s building new market houses these days. So glad there are still some around. 🙂

  2. The walls of the Katherine hospital,are amazingly thick! Lovely village,with that beautiful clock tower ,the houses are also of neat design.

  3. Every photo is picturesque, even the one with the traffic 🙂 We don’t have a true market house here in Holland, but the city did erect a covered pavilion thingy next to the civic center which is used to house twice weekly farmer’s markets. It’s rather modern and not very picturesque. And when I was growing up my mother and I went regularly to a flea market that also had covered stalls for rent. That is where I come by my appreciation for old glassware incidently, where do you come by yours?

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