A Snap Shot of Harrogate, Yorkshire

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In 2015, I must have had a thing about black & white, as I have found some more photos while sorting through my never ending collection, this time Harrogate in Yorkshire.  I think these were odd ones that I had taken, when taking photos of the ‘The Valley Gardens’ in the town.  They are a random collection of captures, but hopefully give a tiny insight into this lovely Yorkshire Town.  Hopefully the garden will follow shortly, but this time in colour.

Harrogate is a town in North Yorkshire, England, east of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Its heritage as a fashionable spa resort continues in the Montpellier Quarter with the Royal Pump Room Museum, documenting the importance of local mineral springs. Nearby is the restored, Moorish-style Turkish Baths & Health Spa. To the west, leafy Valley Gardens features the art deco Sun Pavilion.


8 Replies to “A Snap Shot of Harrogate, Yorkshire”

  1. The better half’s home town, but not one she’s in a hurry to visit — true, it’s beautiful, picturesque and historic but she found it too conservative in its attitude — and we’ll say nothing about its politics!

    1. I too would have loved to have had a look around the store, we call it mooching, just taking a long lazy look…….but we were in the car, and as usual nowhere to park, ha ha husbands favourite saying 🙂

      1. Never heard the word mooching before…must of got lost on the ships coming over.😁 glad you slipped it in on your reply though.

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