The Lighthouse of Southwold, Suffolk

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I got side tracked, this post was meant for something else, but I found another lighthouse, although not a Stevenson Lighthouse, but a Trinity House one, as this one is in the beautiful seaside town of Southwold, on the Suffolk coast, but still a good one for my Lighthouse Category.

We were visiting in February 2016, it was a little cold and overcast, but the sea air was wonderful, blowing away all the cobwebs and making you feel alive.  I have changed all the photos to b&w, as the sky was so heavy, you could hardly make out the lighthouse.

A little history of the lighthouse….Southwold Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1887 as a coastal mark for passing shipping and as a guide for vessels sailing into Southwold Harbour.  Design and planning for the construction of Lighthouse began in 1887 under the supervision of Sir James Douglass, Engineer in Chief to Trinity House. The light is still operational and light is visible for 24 sea miles.  

February 2016

4 Replies to “The Lighthouse of Southwold, Suffolk”

  1. What a splendid specimen! I’ve seen this at a distance –from Aldeburgh beach — but hadn’t realised quite how imposing it was compared to the surrounding buildings.

    Aldeburgh of course has its own towered structure — a former windmill since converted to residential accommodatation. And also two-story lookouts, now holiday homes!

    1. Its does look good in colour, but, it was so overcast, I do have some colour ones, but goodness knows where 🙂 I love both Southwold and Aldeburgh, we tend to go in the winter, when there are not so many tourists about.

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