Fast Flowing Water & Spotted Pigs, Scotland

In May 2016, while on holiday in Scotland, we found a small road that followed a river.  We came to a sign which said we were at Allt Broighleachan, near the Caledonian Forest.  All I can remember, is, instead of going down Glen Coe, we went across, before the start of the run down the Glen.  We followed the road for quite a few miles, always with the river insight.  We met a party of lovely spotted pigs, husband did not like my idea of pignapping, so the cutest little pig stayed.  This is collection of photos of the drive, a couple of photos I have changed to mono, just to see if they work or not.  




  1. The black and white looks great to me! I must confess I didn’t know there was such a thing as a spotted pig. I like them! Not sure what the dogs would think of the latest member of the family. They might side with Steve. 🙂 That is a really beautiful drive. I just hope I never have speak any Gaelic words out loud. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, I like the black and white ones, but I think If I did the whole post b&w it would be a bit too much. I also have to confess, I didn’t know what type of pigs they were, but there are some that have spot in their name, like, old spot,,,something !!! They were very beautiful, but I think Steve might have had a point, pig would only get bigger 🙂 It was a lovely drive, different from driving down the Glen again. Gaelic is so lovely to listen to, a lot softer than Welsh, which can be quite hard, but still lovely to hear though. It’s amazing for the size of the Uk, we have 4 different languages, there was a 5th, Cornish, but it died out, although they are trying to bring it back 🙂 I remember now the pigs were Gloucester Old Spot 🙂 a very old English breed.

      1. The UK continues to amaze me! There is such amazing variety in such a small place. We have differences in the US, but ours is more like shading, whereas you have completely different colors. I love it! 🙂

      2. Ha ha, we have lots of shading too, each county has a different derelict. Where we live in Norfolk, they speak totally different than Hampshire, where I come from. Its the same in Scotland and Wales. I have trouble understanding people in the Northeast, Newcastle and Sunderland, Steve has to translate for me, as being a Northerner, he understands them more, it’s really funny 🙂

      3. I met a fellow here who was from the north of England and was totally thrown by his accent. I watch a lot of British TV and can usually muddle through. You’re very lucky you have Steve to translate! 🙂

      1. Never had the trouble of wanting a pet pig… maybe it’s because I have been around them always seeing them as a food source. I have always enjoyed seeing a healthy porker though.

      2. Yes, there are… they call them potbelly pigs!😂 I think they are ugly when full grown. They are not as popular today over here in the US as they once were.

      3. Oh yes, they are cute when young, but I agree with you, that there are quite ugly when fully grown and they are not popular in the UK either anymore.

  2. Lovely pics, (and pigs!) Lynne! That looks like Glen Orchy to me – lovely potholed rocks – you do get to it by taking a left turn before Glen Coe. Love the waterfalls there! Fantastic scenery.

    1. That you Jo, you are right, it is Glen Orchy and yes a left turn before Glen Coe, my mind just went blank last night 🙂 Its a lovely drive, I would like to do the walk one day 🙂

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