The Humber Bridge

Every time we go over the Humber Bridge, I mean to post about it, for my ‘Bridge Category’, as at the moment that category is a little lacking.  This crossing was made in May 2015 and the views are wonderful, on a sunny day, but this day was a little cloudy, so the photos look better in black & white.  The bridge connects Yorkshire and Lincolnshire over the Humber estuary and it’s the world’s eighth-longest suspension bridge.  The Humber estuary is formed by the rivers Trent and Ouse between Barton-upon-Humber on the south bank and Hessle on the north. 

A little history….Approval for the construction of a suspension bridge was granted in 1959 with the passing of the Humber Bridge Act and the creation of the Humber Bridge Board, although it was not until 1973 that work finally began.

Work on the construction proceeded for eight years, during which time many thousands of tonnes of steel and concrete were used and upwards of one thousand workers and staff were employed at times of peak activity.

The traffic first crossed the bridge on the 24th June 1981.

I found a photo in book, so that you can see what the bridge looks like.


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