Sager Bhuidhe Lighthouse, Port Appin, Scotland

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When we were on the Isle of Lismore, 2015, I took a photo of the lighthouse that is just off the coast of  Port Appin.  Sadly, it is for the want, of a better word, a reproduction, the original lantern of the lighthouse is in Port Appin village ( I have yet to take a photo)  

Sgeir Bhuidhe – translating to “Yellow Skerry” in English – is a small rocky outcrop, just off of the coast of Port Appin; a small village, located just off of the A828, between Loch Creran and North Connel, across from Lismore Island.

Sgier Bhuide’s first lighthouse was built in 1903, to a design by David Alan Stevenson, and was powered by Acetylene

In 2002, The Northern Lighthouse Board dismantled the lighthouse and replaced it with a new light, which resembles a traditional lighthouse, although originally the board intended to replace it with a simpler low maintenance structure, consisting of a metal framework with white aluminium panels, much like many of Scotland’s newer lights, but it was felt that the lighthouse was a significant part of Port Appin’s heritage.






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