Kerrera Northspit Lighthouse, Nr Oban, Scotland

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I found another lighthouse while sorting out my photos, it is not the classic shape of a lighthouse, but I love the location and it’s red and white stripes.  The date is unknown but it is located at the end of a rocky reef at the north end of the Isle of Kerrera, marking the entrance to the sheltered harbor of Oban.

Photo taken May 2016 for my ‘Lighthouse Category’


2 Replies to “Kerrera Northspit Lighthouse, Nr Oban, Scotland”

  1. A most colorful lighthouse! It reminds me of a barber’s pole. 🙂 What’s on the side of the cliff above it? It looks like some sort of memorial.

    1. Yes I think thats why I liked it, it reminded me of a barber’s pole.
      Yes its a stone obelisk overlooking the north entrance to Oban Bay and is a memorial to David Hutcheson who set up a regular steamer service to the Hebrides in 1835. This service was the forerunner of the Caledonian MacBrayne ferries of today. These are the ferries that we like to travel on to all the different islands 🙂

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