Kilmartin Museum, Kilmartin, Scotland

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After we had visited Kilmartin Churchyard and Church, Scotland (I have yet to post) in 2016, we visited the Museum.  The Museum collects and cares for all of the archaeological objects that are found, by chance or excavation in Mid Argyll.   This is really only a taste of what is in the museum, as we were running out of time, but there are a few interesting items that I found.  A little bit about Kilmartin before we go any further …..Kilmartin Glen, in the heart of Mid Argyll, is one of Scotland’s richest prehistoric landscapes. Over 800 historic monuments, cairns, standing stones, stone circles and rock art dating back over 5000 years have been recorded within this area. It just helps to understand why the museum is there.  So the following is just a short trip around the museum.

The above is a copy and the original is in the National Museums of Scotland.  A Carved Slab, Neither Largie North Cairn 4,000 – 1.600 BC….. People may have carved this simple design long before the slab was incorporated into Nether Largie North Cairn.  The below photo from the museum, shows how it was found in 1930, standing upright on the ground surface with the cairn material.

The above stone is again a copy of the Stone Cross, Achadh na Cille, Oibmore, Knapdale 8th-10th centuryAD, which is now in the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum.  One of seven crosses from this site, three of which are still inlace.  It is not possible to give an exact date for the cross, but the earliest ringed crosses are 8th century.  The early Christian crosses from Mid Argyll vary greatly in style.  The first crosses may have been of wood, or even wattle.  The photo show the front and back view of the cross.

This last photo show a carved limestone cross fragment from Kilbride and this is the original article.  It was found at the thirteenth century chapel of Kilbride, the church of  St Brigit, now a derelict building near Kilmartin.  The cross fragment dates to the 9th century, which indicates there was already an ecclesiastical presence on the site when the chapel was constructed.  The spirals and voluted trumpets of the carving are a common theme in early Christian sculpture.

The above photo was just a quick photo of the cottages across the road from the museum, and generally is of the type of buildings in the village as a whole.

May 2016 – Kilmartin



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    1. Yes Pat, I could have spent much longer, but hopefully we will go back, they also have the most wonderful bookshop, the type you could browse for hours, or in my case 10 mins max 🙂

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