Cromer Lighthouse, Foulness, Cromer, North Norfolk

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This was our second attempt to visit Cromer Lighthouse, August 2017, the first time…..we really had no idea where it was.  I didn’t even know that Cromer had a lighthouse, so we had to look online to find it.  We found that it is tucked away behind Cromer Golf Course, not really that far from the edge of the cliff, but not a sheer cliff, so hopefully it won’t topple over the edge yet.

The present lighthouse was built half a mile form the sea and came in to operation in 1833.  It is constructed of masonry and the tower is octagonal in shape and is 59ft/18m tall.  Electricity was installed in 1958 to power the light and the light flashes every five seconds, which can be seem for 23 nautical miles.  The light is 275ft/84m above sea level.  In June 1990 the lighthouse was converted to automatic operation.  The lighthouse keepers cottages are now holiday apartments, although the tower is still owned by Trinity House.  

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